Stewardship Award

Native Plants Performing Stormwater Management


RAI is the proud recipient of an award for Excellence in Sustainable Design and Construction presented by the Upper White River Watershed Alliance for our work in the Town of Speedway, Indiana. This project employs pervious pavement and green infrastructure . A strictly native plant matrix was employed within 1.5 acres of bio-retention and bio-swales, effectively removing storm water from local sanitary sewers.

Green Infrastructure works: Annual pre-construction combined sewer overflows (CSO's) were 44; post-construction CSO's totaled 3! Plus, this project adds native landscapes to the Fisher Elementary School and the future B & O trail, pocket park and trail head adjacent to the school. The green infrastructure facilities effectively reduced overall project costs by reducing storm water pipe sizes and total excavation requirements

The use of nearly 19,000 native plants and over 22,000 square feet of pervious pavement is a truly public demonstration of this sustainable landscape aesthetic within a functional engineering application.